We know how challenging it can be to deal with car issues in the middle of the road, especially to find a quick car recovery and we are here to help. Here you have a list with some services we provide and we guarantee you will have no problem accessing the best results and value in no time.

1. Towing service

We provide inexpensive and reliable towing services for anyone who needs a breakdown recovery delivery service after experiencing vehicle problems.

We cover Oxford and all surrounding areas for all types of automobiles. We provide a safe, reliable, and professional breakdown recovery service. No matter where you are stuck, if you are stranded on the roadside and you need a tow, no need to worry or panic because we are ready to assist you. Just call Oxi Breakdown Recovery, and one of our mobile towing service technicians will promptly tow your vehicle to a safe location. We can tow you to your preferred garage, your home, or can even make recommendations of a garage near you. The choice is yours. All of our towing vehicles are fully equipped to meet your needs. Contact us right away!

We aim to provide customers with the best possible customer service. If you are stranded on the side of the road and need help, don't worry, just call Oxi Breakdown Recovery. We provide roadside assistance and will respond promptly to get your vehicle to a safe location fast!

2. Car transporting

We can help move your car to a designated location right away. Once you call us and let us know the destination, we will load up your car and take it to the location you want as quickly as possible.

3. Collection delivery from/to car shop

Thanks to this service, we will be able to take your car to the desired car shop as quickly as possible. We can also take it from the car shop back to you. In addition, our team can also help if you ordered a new car and you want it delivered right at your doorstep.

4. Putting car in emergency neutral position manually

This is essential if the car needs to be winched on the trailer. You can find yourself in that strange situations for modern cars where the battery dies or there are ECU error codes. The wheels and gearbox are locked, so you need to find a manual method of releasing them. If you’re in one of these situations, we are here to help.

Battery testing

5. Car diagnostic scanning

When a car breaks down it can be very difficult to figure out where the issue comes from. Our team is here to perform a fast, dependable and reliable car diagnostic scan to ensure that there are no issues. We have professional tools that perform diagnostic scans and provide you with comprehensive results and benefits.

6. Wheel changing

Are you struggling with tire punctures or any other issues like that? We come to you as quickly as possible and we put the spare tires on.

7. Battery testing

Is your battery not working properly? Our team can get there, use the battery tester and check the charging percentage, cell fault, alternator condition, amp, voltage and other important information. This way you get to figure out if you need to change or recycle the battery or not. Such a test is crucial if you want to know whether you should do a battery change or not.

8. Battery changing

If you have to change the battery it can be difficult and dangerous, unless you know what you are doing. Our technicians are here to provide customers with fast, reliable and comprehensive services as quickly as possible. Once the battery gets changed, everything should function well

9. Jumpstarting

When a car malfunctions in the middle of the road or even in front of your home in the morning, it needs a little boost. Jumpstarting it will help a lot, since you can ensure your car will be working properly as you go to work or where you need to be. Our team has all the necessary equipment to try and jumpstart it as quickly as possible.

10. Fuel drainage

What does misfueling mean?

Using the wrong fuel, sometimes also called misfueling, is when you fill your vehicle's tank with the wrong type of fuel, commonly either petrol or diesel. Simply put, vehicle engines are designed to run on one or other type of fuel, and won't work with the wrong type.

Diesel engines work by the spontaneous combustion of atomised fuel particles injected into compressed air, whereas petrol engines require a spark to ignite the fuel. When you put the wrong fuel in, the engine will not function and may cause serious damage. Oxi Breakdown Recovery will fix this by changing out the wrong fuel.

How Oxi Fuel Drainage can help

If you put petrol into a diesel engine the damage can be severe. If you turn on the ignition and start the pump circulating the petrol/diesel mixture, these problems can spread to other parts of the fuel system. If you put diesel into a petrol engine, it will cause the vehicle to misfire and the engine will probably smoke.

It may simply not start at all, but if it does, it will soon cut out and leave you stranded. In either instance the wrong fuel has to be fixed and that's where Oxi Breakdown Recovery comes in.

If you are stuck at a fueling station and need a tow, or if you are stranded on the roadside, not to worry, our mobile towing service can retrieve your vehicle and can take it somewhere safe. We'll drain the wrong fuel from your car and replace it with the right kind, flushing out the fuel system on the way. In addition we can also dispose of the drained fuel for you.

ECU check and reset

Managing your vehicle's fuel and engine system is not a simple matter, with most vehicles now governed electronically. Oxi Breakdown Recovery has the technology and the expertise to check your vehicle's Engine Control Unit when the wrong fuel fixing is complete, and reset your parameters where necessary so you're good to go.

How long does it take?

The time it will take depends on the vehicle and whether you have managed to start it and/or drive it. If you realize that you've put the wrong fuel in the tank while you're still at the pump, it may be possible to drain the fuel and be roadworthy in 15-30 minutes. Some vehicles take longer to drain and may take up to an hour, and if the engine has been run the whole fuel system will need flushing. This process may take an additional 15-30 minutes. Avail these great services and contact us today for some of the top breakdown recovery, towing and car checkup services in Oxfordshire!